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  • HCI 2010 is the 15th in a series of International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions.
    The conference covers the following topics:

    • Fundamental aspects, Structure and Spectroscopy

    • Collisions with Electrons, Ions, Atoms and Molecules

    • Interactions with Clusters, Surfaces and Solids

    • Interactions with Photons, Plasmas and Strong Field Processes

    • Production, Experimental developments and Applications

    To secure IUPAP sponsorship, the organizers have provided assurance that 15th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Chargd Ions (HCI2010) will be conducted in accordance with IUPAP principles as stated in the ICSU-Document "Universality of Science" (sixth edition, 1989) regarding the free circulation of scientists for international purposes. In particular, no bona fide scientist will be excluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, nationality, or political considerations unrelated to science.
    Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University 
    No. 220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, China
    Tel: +86 (21) 65 64 34 63 ,55 66 40 66
    Fax: +86 (21) 65 64 27 87 




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